Why Marketing Is Business Development’s Most Valuable Player

What should marketing be responsible for in your company? Even for marketers, this question is difficult to answer.

The Harvard Business Review found that the responsibilities of a chief marketing officer vary greatly from one job description to another, as well as the experience and skills of the people who hold that position.

Most people are responsible for marketing strategy, branding and customer metrics, but beyond that, we seem to disagree.

The main reason for this confusion is a misunderstanding of the marketing function. Marketing is usually viewed in a very operable way, rather than a function that really adds value to the enterprise, that is, the after-effect of developing products.

But this is too limiting. Marketing should be a strategic driving force for sales, a pipeline generator for the company’s future business, and should have the function of positioning the entire company in competition.

Marketers should consider themselves as strategists in their respective business streams because they can influence, measure and interact with each potential market every day.

Ideally, they should use this expertise to guide the future direction of each business, but marketing is often forced into narrow channels.

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