The impact of Google for jobs

Google launched Google for Jobs in June 2017, thus entering the field of recruitment. Google for Jobs uses a similar method to provide natural search results, and applies them specifically to job postings on the Internet, in order to provide services for the most relevant candidates on Google to search for possible positions.

Google for Jobs displays job postings in a prominent central search results panel at the top of every relevant search result page.

There is no doubt that Google for Jobs has disrupted the recruitment marketing industry, especially when it relates to other major players in the field. During the press conference, some of the largest recruitment committee vendors (such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter) quickly joined, and then some later adopters (such as CareerBuilder) waited until later to join Google to become partners. However, other job committees and integrators chose to remain independent of Google for Jobs.

So, since the launch of Google for Jobs two years ago, what impact has it had on Google, cooperative job sites and career sites? Please read it carefully to find out.

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