Google Cloud Platform: what are the benefits for marketers?

Google Cloud Platform: Today, marketers can be divided into two categories: marketers who use streaming data to receive and respond to customer signals, and marketers who don’t use streaming data.

To help you enjoy the benefits that streaming data can bring to your business, Google now talks about its Google Cloud Platform through meetings, advertising campaigns, and direct conversations with brands in the industry.

Some companies embrace and act on this information are driven by their own initiative, while others do it out of necessity. They are transitioning from a world in which data is stored in an isolated database and managed in batches to a new world in which data flows in automated pipelines.

This is what we call streaming data-signals flow from your website to your analysis tools in the form of automated channels, and then back to your website…or your email tool…or your programmatic media buying tool.

These streaming processes can be described as “triggered” marketing, where a wide range of predictive and expected customer actions are planned and responded to to optimize the response set.

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