The 7 Best Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms of 2021

Choosing a mobile marketing platform to help you automatically participate and provide important analytical insights can be a daunting task.

There are many options out there, most companies claim to provide “everything you need”, etc.

You will find that all platforms provide standard features, such as user segmentation, cross-channel personalization, push notifications, and in-app messaging, but some platforms are better than others in certain areas.

In addition to the aforementioned user engagement features, most application marketing platforms can also double as analytical solutions, enabling you to create marketing campaigns based on useful data insights.

The difference between one platform and another usually depends on the user’s preference: maybe you prefer the UI of one platform, or you prefer a platform that uses predictive behavior to fully control the platform – so you don’t have to deal with any data, or You can.

We are looking for a platform focused on customer behavior and growth that can be easily integrated with your existing tool stack. At Appsynth, we tried them almost once or once, and the things we didn’t use in the end were demonstrated one-on-one by company representatives.

For the sake of transparency, we currently use four platforms to meet the marketing needs of customers, namely Swrve, AppBoy, Amplitude and Localytics.

To help you determine the platform that best suits your business needs, we have compiled a guide that introduces what we believe to be the 9 best mobile interactive platforms on the market today.

1. Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms: Swrve

Swrve is a powerful mobile marketing automation platform that provides a 360-degree view of the customer experience. Its focus is on promoting high-level participation through push and in-app messaging activities.

It does this by analyzing key performance indicators that determine where your application is successful and where there is room for improvement.

Swrve uses retention rates and cohort analysis to provide you with a clear picture of how users will like your application once they start using your application, and how to interact throughout the entry process.

This can help you determine the decline in engagement, at which point you can create a targeted marketing campaign to increase retention.

Swrve is suitable for those who want fine-grained control over their user segmentation and hands-on control over data analysis. These data can also be exported for your data team to use elsewhere.

A/B testing is also highly customizable, it provides endless variables and can be tested based on specific demographics, events, purchase history, usage, etc. using queues.

Resource A/B testing allows you to try different levels of code-level elements or functions, which most application participation tools do not have (so you also need to use dedicated A/B testing tools, such as Apptimize or Optimizely run These tests).

Swrve is one of the few exceptions. It provides a powerful multi-test tool that goes beyond simple A/B testing participation activities. At Appsynth, we use this feature to gradually roll out a significant change or new feature: measure its initial impact on some users before fully launching it.

Monetization and attribution are also very efficient: you can track and obtain metrics through referral sources and campaigns; view sales by unit, best-selling, expenditure and revenue; view revenue, ARPU and ARPPU KPIs; and track campaigns or referrals The downstream profitability of the link.

Swrve recently added retention groups, allowing you to divide a small group of users and choose to exclude them from all campaigns. This feature allows you to have a clearer understanding of the direct impact of using the tool, and you can clearly measure the ROI to justify its continued use.

Swrve’s segmentation function is as good as any platform on the market, but one limitation is that newly created segments cannot be applied retrospectively: therefore, they will not be added until previous users complete operations that meet the conditions of their new segmentation Until they meet the conditions again.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider all the market segments you may need, otherwise you may not be able to target certain users you want to contact in the future.

Swrve is one of the most powerful application marketing platforms in terms of data insights and the ability to take action and monetize those insights. That said, for smaller agencies and independent app owners, this may be too complicated, and they will continue to check this list well.

It’s not cheap either. I absolutely hope that the monthly bill becomes four figures. Swrve is suitable for large App Store participants, medium-sized agents who have established brands and have marketing customer rosters to justify the cost.

  • Suitable for: large brands and agencies with sufficient budget
  • Main functions: code-level A/B testing, push notifications, in-app campaign delivery
  • Best for: marketing automation
  • Pricing structure: monthly package customized according to MAU level and support level

2. Braze (Formerly Appboy)

In terms of marketing functions, Braze is an alternative to Swrve, and email message support is an additional advantage. The platform uses artificial intelligence to provide data-based recommendations for advanced segmentation.

It builds user profiles based on user demographic information, purchase information, and user behavior to create audience segments that can be targeted through push, in-app messaging, news feeds, and email.

The Braze Intelligent Selection tool reveals high-performance variants, while the Visual Experiment Tool (Canvas) can help you create a personalized customer journey that suits specific characteristics and goals.

In terms of data analysis, in addition to standard information (such as life cycle and custom period revenue and usage statistics), Braze also provides detailed reports for all campaigns.

Each report contains integrated insights that can be viewed across channels The realized KPIs and how the entire channel is shaped.

It is worth mentioning that Braze was recognized as a market leader in the Forrester Wave™ mobile participation automation (2021) evaluation.

Based on the evaluation of the most important mobile participating providers, it scored the highest in both current product and strategy categories.

The 7 Best Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms of 2021

Braze has also established a partnership with Amplitude (our preferred product analysis tool), which allows data to be passed seamlessly from one to the other in either direction.

Braze lacks Swrve’s resource A/B testing capabilities, but has more advanced AI and first-class message visualization tools. Braze is also the most well-funded company on the list, and they continue to invest more to make it better.

  • Suitable for: enterprises of all sizes
  • Main functions: AI-based insights, automatic optimization, message visualization canvas, advanced segmentation and triggering, fast data export
  • Best for: Comprehensive marketing automation tools
  • Pricing structure: growth, professionalism, business plan. All plans require a demo to show prices

3. Amplitude

Amplitude is a dedicated product analysis platform with some very unique features that can help you design precise audience segments. However, it is not an independent interactive platform, so you need to run it as part of the stack to operate on the created segments.

One of the best features is the predictive analysis function called “behavior groups”. This feature can help you understand which behaviors in a user’s early sessions lead to better long-term retention, which behaviors are more likely to cause user churn, and which events are the main indicators of any other required actions. These behaviors can then be actively encouraged.

Another interesting feature is the “microscope”. This feature allows you to browse user behavior data behind the graph. Simply click on any data point in the graph to zoom in and view the users and actions that make up the data point.

You can then go one step further and create a queue of users that perform that specific behavior, and then create a messaging activity for those users. Cool?

Amplitude is based on tracking user journeys and identifying user behavior insights, which in turn helps your product development. You can directly export cohorts to AppBoy, use API to export data to other third-party platforms, or import external data into Amplitude.

Amplitude also provides a single-client view across multiple applications, showing the user journey across applications and how behavior in one application affects another.

This is very useful for companies that have a range of applications, especially for application groups where there is a set of related applications that interact with each other.

Compared with Aplitude, all other platforms can be used as a solution to achieve any level of interoperability between applications. Amplitude is free and can track up to 10 million user operations per month.

Of course, you won’t get integrated support or a dedicated customer success manager, and some of the more powerful features are not available in the free tier, but this is a good starting point for smaller businesses that want to try before buying .

With more than 10 million user actions, you will move to event-based pricing, which can be expensive, especially if you need to track some frequently occurring events: consider things like ad requests or viewing regular content postings .

In addition to simply tracking more events, advanced software packages also provide access to the platform’s most powerful features. These are not provided for free, so advanced services are undoubtedly the way to go.

  • Suitable: Those who have the budget to integrate very powerful marketing analysis tools into a wider stack
  • Main functions: data scanning, identification of friction and trends, behavior groups, import/export data
  • Best for: predicting user behavior
  • Pricing structure: 0-10 months monthly activities-free / 0-1 billion monthly activities-$995 / 0-1 billion + monthly activities-POA

4. Localytics

Localytics is a powerful analysis tool for mobile devices and the Web. Its advanced funnel analysis tool can measure key drop-off points and different stages of the user’s in-app journey in real time (or retrospectively).

Localytics comes from an analytical background and continuous development of integrated marketing automation. Its history means that its analysis products are more powerful than many other tools.

These tools are marketing automation first, then built-in analysis, and it has the best channel analysis tool in the all-in-one platform.

Now, Localytics combines analytical and marketing functions well. Using analytical insights, you can design targeted marketing campaigns based on past behavior and user profile attributes.

The friendly user interface makes it easy for you to add images, videos, and other rich media to your campaign so that you can quickly start testing communications.

In addition to basic knowledge, the outstanding feature of Localytics is undoubtedly its artificial intelligence. You can set Localytics to automatically send messages to users based on their likelihood of losing or converting in the future.

It also has a forecasting module whose function is similar to amplitude and can reveal the main indicators of future behavior. This is a feature that many other marketing tools lack.

Pricing is based on MAU (rather than event-based), which makes it easier to predict costs and makes Localytics easier to use for small businesses. For low-cost packaging, certain modules can also be excluded.

  • Suitable for: enterprises of all sizes
  • Main functions: real-time participation analysis, message A/B testing, flexible push notification marketing, location-based messaging using geofencing
  • Best for: Skilled mobile marketing and comprehensive analysis
  • Pricing: Based on MAU. Unlike some platforms, message users who have not opened the application are not counted in MAU. Free trial

5. CleverTap

CleverTap’s behavioral analysis is similar to Amplitude, and its marketing automation is similar to Localytics, which makes it a potential contender for one of the best integrated mobile marketing and analysis platforms around.

Like Localytics and Mixpanel (the next on this list), CleverTap also integrates very effectively with web traffic.

For the record, Swrve and Appboy can also be used for network traffic. CleverTap also offers entry-level plans for those with smaller budgets.

The USP of CleverTap is its Pivots function. This is the industry’s first data exploration tool that can summarize data and help you cut it into tables and other visualization forms.

Pivot analysis is particularly useful when you are dealing with large amounts of data, because it allows you to create clear summaries and view custom reports for perspective analysis.

You can see through any events or demographics, session fields, etc., and then view the data in a variety of visual ways. Therefore, instead of extracting data in an Excel worksheet and processing it offline to find deeper, more elusive insights, you can pivot the event to find its most important characteristics.

Suppose you sell concert tickets through a mobile application: you can determine when the most tickets are sold in a day based on sales. You can then choose this time of day to start a new push promotion.

Another noteworthy feature is that you can create real-time user segments now instead of in the past: for example: users who achieve/will not achieve a specific goal within 10 minutes.

This is true real-time marketing that allows you to instantly participate in and manipulate user behavior. This is especially useful if you want to introduce new elements into time-critical marketing activities.

The user interface is not as intuitive as “amplitude,” but the option of creating customizable dashboards for customers will appeal to agents.

  • Suitable for: enterprises of all sizes
  • Main functions: real-time participation analysis, A/B testing, flexible push notification marketing, geofence segmentation
  • Best for: Skilled mobile marketing and comprehensive analysis
  • Pricing: Entry level (free – 10 million events)/Pro version – $350 pm/Unlimited – $700 pm/Enterprise (POA)

6. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is primarily an analytics platform that has evolved to make marketing automation and analysis applicable to everyone from small app developers to large brands.

If you like visual data processing methods, Mixpanel will be very attractive. The platform can generate a large number of charts, which is a good thing if you need to create presentations or reports based on data.

The channel analysis function is a good function and can be regarded as a “stretched version” of the “amplitude” behavior group. It tells you the point in time when a customer exits a particular journey.

Instead, retention analysis shows when customers return and interact with your app. In turn, this allows you to build more effective messaging activities.

The platform also supports the Web, which is a good choice for companies that want to integrate mobile and Web analytics in one place, with the additional feature of push notifications.

As mentioned in the CleverTap analysis above, other tools also add web support, but Mixpanel comes from a web background, so it feels more complete.

Mixpanel will also attract non-technical people because it can do a lot of work for you. For example: where push notifications are involved, you only need to set behavior triggers, schedules, and rate limits, and then prioritize the messages, and Mixpanel will find the rest.

This ensures that users receive a series of tailor-made messages that are relevant, timely and delivered at the correct speed. Like other platforms, you can also A/B test your communication to discover the sweet spot of the message.

  • Suitable for: enterprises of all sizes
  • Main functions: channel analysis, visualization platform, multi-platform support
  • Best for: visual analysis; simple and effective push messages
  • Pricing structure: free (up to 20m data points), startup ($999), enterprise version (applicable to this)

7. Urban Airship

Urban airship is known for its efficient push and in-app messaging functions. Historically, this has made it an attractive platform for big brands who want to segment and schedule bulk notifications.

However, in recent times, Urban Airship has rapidly expanded its analytical capabilities. Indeed, Forrester’s first Mobile Participation Automation Wave™ report provides 5/5 of Urban Airship’s analytical capabilities, as you will see in the pictures earlier in this article, they are considered to be the industry leader following Braze.

Urban Airship excels in channel reporting, data exploration, and audience analysis, all of which enable you to identify the most valuable customers across multiple channels.

Then, you can further promote conversion optimization through retargeting and similar campaigns, and you can base on insights from key engagement metrics and behavioral analysis.

For users who use a multi-platform stack, Urban Airship has a real-time mobile API that connects your data for use in any business system or channel.

  • Applicable to: big brands and agents
  • Main functions: customer intelligence, predict customer churn, real-time API
  • Best for: messaging and channel analysis
  • Pricing structure: POA

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