The 7 Best Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms of 2021

Choosing a mobile marketing platform to help you automatically participate and provide important analytical insights can be a daunting task.

There are many options out there, most companies claim to provide “everything you need”, etc.

You will find that all platforms provide standard features, such as user segmentation, cross-channel personalization, push notifications, and in-app messaging, but some platforms are better than others in certain areas.

In addition to the aforementioned user engagement features, most application marketing platforms can also double as analytical solutions, enabling you to create marketing campaigns based on useful data insights.

The difference between one platform and another usually depends on the user’s preference: maybe you prefer the UI of one platform, or you prefer a platform that uses predictive behavior to fully control the platform – so you don’t have to deal with any data, or You can.

We are looking for a platform focused on customer behavior and growth that can be easily integrated with your existing tool stack. At Appsynth, we tried them almost once or once, and the things we didn’t use in the end were demonstrated one-on-one by company representatives.

For the sake of transparency, we currently use four platforms to meet the marketing needs of customers, namely Swrve, AppBoy, Amplitude and Localytics.

To help you determine the platform that best suits your business needs, we have compiled a guide that introduces what we believe to be the 9 best mobile interactive platforms on the market today.

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